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Big Savings on Ready Inventory

November 5, 2019

There’s still time for clients to close on a new home before 2020! In most of our markets, we have a variety of completed (or nearly completed) homes with professionally selected design options. Clients who contract on one of those homes in November, close by the end of December and finance through HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation can take advantage of closing cost assistance—typically up to 3% of the base price of the home! To see details, including an estimate of how much that might mean for your clients, visit our 30 Days to Save page and select your sales region.

Quick move-in home availability varies, so be sure to let your clients know about this special offer ASAP! Inventory is critically low around Colorado Springs, the Inland Empire, Orange County, Greater Portland, Salt Lake City and in Maryland. Once these homes are gone, so are the savings.

Not sure how to find quick move-in homes on our site? Check out last week’s article! You’re looking for homes marked “Available now,” “Available in November,” “Available in December” and “Model for sale,” but be sure to ask your community sales associate about a specific home’s eligibility. As you know, a variety of factors—some outside our control—can affect a buyer’s closing date, so the sales associate will help you set the right expectations with your clients.*

*Closing dates are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed. Homebuyers may be limited in the structural changes, options and upgrades which can be made to homes.

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