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What Your Client’s New-home Warranty Can Do for You

February 22, 2019
Home Care representative meeting with homeowners

A new-home warranty offers obvious advantages for your clients—and some not-so-obvious opportunities for you!

If you’re used to selling resale, you’ve seen that once your clients have the keys, they’re generally stuck with the bill if they have a home problem four or six months down the road. With a new home and all-new appliances, not only are buyers less likely to have a problem in the first place, but they also enjoy the peace of mind a home warranty and manufacturers’ warranties afford.

Here are a few ways you can leverage that post-closing support to demonstrate your long-term commitment to client satisfaction.

  • Go with your clients on walk-throughs and home orientations. Take notes on anything that may seem important for your clients to do, like registering for manufacturers’ appliance or HVAC warranties, and give them a copy. Your clients may be too excited about seeing their new home to remember those details.
  • Make sure your clients have all the contact information they need to file a warranty claim, ask questions about their home systems or get emergency help from their homebuilder. If you’re selling Richmond American homes, you can find that information here. From our easy online warranty request form to our complete list of local Home Care offices, your buyers should always feel they can reach out to us for support.
  • Encourage your clients to ask questions if they’re not clear about their home warranty. Understanding what’s covered under warranty, what’s covered under homeowner’s insurance and what’s their responsibility may help avoid confusion and frustration down the road.
  • Take note of when your clients’ home and appliance warranty periods will end and send them reminders when those dates are approaching. It’s an opportunity to touch base in a way that shows you’re still looking out for their interests.
  • If you work with a lot of first-time homebuyers, you may consider creating a home maintenance checklist, like this one by Brand and laminate it, print it on a magnet, or make it available for download on your site.

The happier your clients are in their new home, the better they’ll feel about their overall buying experience. That can translate to more referrals and more repeat business for you!

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