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Personalization vs. Packages in Homebuying

April 3, 2020

Personalization is one of the many benefits of choosing a new home over of a resale. After all, who can resist the opportunity to put their own stamp on their living space? But as you may have noticed over the course of your career, “personalizing” a new home can mean different things to different homebuilders.

Many builders who allow buyers to “personalize” new-construction homes only provide a few design packages to choose from. If your clients are seeking a new home that’s truly their own, their best bet is to go with a company that offers a choice of hundreds of exciting fixtures and finishes.

At Richmond American, we strive to ensure every home we build is as unique as its residents. That’s why everyone who builds a brand-new home from the ground up (and even some who purchase a home that’s already under construction) can schedule a consultation with a professional design consultant at our Home Gallery™. During this complimentary appointment, buyers will be able to choose everything from the seemingly minor details, such as doorknobs and cabinet hardware, to the statement makers, like flooring, countertops, backsplashes, cabinetry and lighting. And did we mention that our finishes are color matched to take out the guesswork?

Learn more about our home design process and be sure to scroll down to see “The same kitchen, 7 ways” for an example of our diverse offerings.

Clients ready to build their dream home? Call 888.500.7060 or visit to help them get started!

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