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Spur September Sales with these Prices!

September 1, 2016
September sales piggy bank

Clients think they can’t afford to buy a new home? Take advantage of our Now You Can event to show them the possibilities!

We’ve gathered starting price points for each of our markets across the country and calculated estimated monthly principal and interest payments when financing is provided by HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation. Where possible, we’ve even added in estimated taxes and hazard insurance! Your clients may be surprised just how close these payments are to their current rent or mortgage payment (and pleasantly surprised by how they compare to resale home pricing).

To get started, visit our event map and select your sales area. You’ll then see a payment example for your area and an opportunity to download our free First-time Homebuyer Guide—great for clients who are new to home buying, or just need a refresher. You may also find a link to ready specs and news about new communities or floor plans in your area, if available.

Feel free to share this info with your clients, especially if you’ve been looking for ways to work new model home tours into the selection of homes you’ve been showing.

Be sure to register your clients online. It’s quick, it’s easy and it protects your commission, even if they visit one of our communities without you.

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