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Quiz! Where Are You on the Path to Homeownership?

May 29, 2018
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Are you ready to become a homeowner?

Take this quick quiz to find out where you are on your homebuying journey. Simply tally your A’s, B’s and C’s, and check out your result below!


  1. I have wanted to buy a home for:


  1. Over a year
  2. At least a year
  3. A few months



  1. I plan to stay in my current/desired area for:


  1. At least five years
  2. Three to five years
  3. Less than three years/I’m not really sure



  1. The following best describes my employment status:


  1. I’m in a stable, well-paying job
  2. I’m employed and working toward a raise/promotion
  3. I’m in between jobs at the moment



  1. The following best describes my employment status:


  1. I have set aside sufficient funds for a down payment/closing costs
  2. I have saved almost enough for a down payment/closing costs
  3. I don’t have sufficient funds for a down payment/closing costs at this time



  1. My credit rating is:


  1. Very good to exceptional (> 740)
  2. Good (670 to 739)
  3. Poor to fair (< 669)



  1. When it comes to finances:


  1. All my friends and relatives come to me for advice
  2. I don’t have a “budget,” but I try to limit my spending
  3. I have difficulty managing my money



  1. When it comes to finding a real estate agent:


  1. I already have him/her on speed dial
  2. I plan to ask friends and family for recommendations
  3. What does a real estate agent do again?


Mostly “A”s: Say so long to your landlord!

Congratulations! Your responses indicate that now is a great time to consider buying a home. We’d love to help you end the rent cycle and experience the many advantages of being a homeowner. Call 888.500.7060 or visit to find your perfect neighborhood and floor plan today.

Mostly “B”s: Get the ball rolling!

How exciting! Your responses indicate that a home purchase may be in your near future. Now is the time to start planning your house hunt. So, hop online (where the majority of today’s home searches begin!) and research types of homes, neighborhoods, area amenities, school ratings and more. And remember, when you’re ready to make a move, we’ll be here to help!

Some helpful resources:

Mostly “C”s: Keep taking the necessary steps!

Your responses indicate that you aren’t quite ready to buy a home right now. However, you can start laying the foundation for a future home purchase! Take some time to figure out where you want to live, determine what type/size house you want and/or organize your finances. When you are comfortable starting your home search, we’d love to assist you!

Some helpful resources:

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