Which color scheme is right for you?

Collage of various countertop, carpet and paint samples

The hundreds of finishes available at our Home Gallery™ are divided into color schemes to make mixing and matching a breeze. We call them color studios and they take the guesswork out of selecting options and upgrades for your new home. Which color studio is speaking to your finer sensibilities? Read to find out more.

Your color studio: Coastal Gray

Coastal Gray tile, cabinet, flooring and fabric samples

You’re a cool cat and this color scheme reflects that. Our best guess is that you tend to keep a level head under pressure. When it comes to your home, you may decide you want a no-nonsense design—with a truly neutral palette that can complement your art and furnishings. Clean, modern lines are likely appeal to you. Have you been dreaming of a coastal excursion today? That tracks!

Your color studio: Bermuda Linen

Bermuda Linen cabinet, countertop, carpet and paint color samples

If fall is your favorite season of the year, that’s no surprise. Those drawn to this color scheme love deep browns and rich texture. We’re guessing you love getting to know people and really digging into who they are and how they tick. When it comes to home shopping, a fireplace may be on the wish list. You’ll also want to consider a home with an open layout with plenty of gathering space for family and friends.

Your color studio: Stone Creek

Stone Creek cabinet, countertop, carpet and paint color samples

The great outdoors probably plays an important role in your life. We’d venture to guess you’re a stop-and-smell-the-roses type of person. When you think about decorating your home, you may get inspired by the rich textures of a mountainside lodge. But that doesn’t mean you don’t like to keep things light and bright. Open those window shades and let in the sunshine. Natural lighting will be key to your home’s overall look and feel.

Your color studio: Nantucket Taupe

Nantucket Taupe cabinet, backsplash, countertop, carpet and paint color samples

There’s nothing like a tall glass of ice tea on a hot day and we’re guessing you agree. Creating a work-life balance, which includes sitting back and enjoying the good life, may very likely be one of your priorities. When it comes to your interiors, you may gravitate to buttery neutrals and a variety of textures—all designed to create a relaxing space that feels like home.

Your color studio: Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach cabinet, backsplash, countertop, carpet and paint color samples

Do you like to go with the flow? If your answer is yes, this may be the perfect color scheme for you. A love of rich neutrals doesn’t mean you’re neutral on important issues, but it may mean you like to keep an open mind about new ideas and experiences. We suggest making your home your haven. Be sure your master suite offers a respite from the worries of the world.

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