8 Gifts Homebodies Will Love

Person about to unwrap gift that is sitting on her lap

When it comes to picking the right present, there’s always someone on your gift-giving list that’s a challenge. If you’re struggling to find something exciting for your favorite homebody, don’t miss this list of unique, entertaining subscription boxes and DIY kits. Boasting enough wow-factor to keep anyone happy, they’re the perfect way to bring adventure home.


Adults & Crafts Subscription Box

For many homebodies, there’s nothing as wonderful as a relaxing night in with a new project. This monthly box will cure any creative rut, offering everything needed to make fun, colorful crafts, from cement planters to cool geometric clocks.


Hygge Subscription Box

Hygge—a Danish concept meaning coziness and contentment—comes to life in this box of handpicked goods from around the world. Delivered monthly, each box offers items promoting relaxed, happy moments, from fairy lights and organic tea to full-size luxury items.


Make Your Own Sushi Kit

No need to leave the comfort of home for a high-quality sushi roll! Homebodies can exercise their culinary creativity with this DIY kit, which includes everything needed to make six to eight pieces of delicious sushi.


Taste Trunk: Chocolatier Sweets Subscription Box

Whether you’re gifting a thrill-seeker or a homebody, chocolate is always the answer. Each month, this indulgent box includes a new section of artisanal chocolate and best-selling sweets. These tempting treats are enclosed in elegant packaging, complete with your personal note in printed script.


Escape the Crate Subscription Box

All the excitement of an escape room, without having to leave the house! This box delivers monthly themed adventures with intricately crafted stories, from alien invasions to murder mysteries. Work with friends and family to solve riddles, crack codes and discover secret objects…then start an all-new game again the next month!


Takeout Kit

Sample exotic flavors and mouth-watering cuisine from around the world—no passport required. This monthly subscription box takes you on a culinary adventure, introducing authentic recipes and unique ingredients to the dinner table. Each globally-inspired kit comes with everything needed for a delicious meal—just add your favorite protein.


Build Your Own Pinball Machine Kit

Turn any table into an arcade with this inventive kit, which comes with the supplies to create a fully functional, rubber band-powered cardboard pinball machine. The real fun begins with the customization: add ramps and obstacles, or decorate your creation with wild colors, lights and anything else that inspires high scores.


Explore Local Subscription Box

Travel the country, without the hassle of actually traveling! This monthly box boasts products and food items made locally in the selected city, from fresh Seattle coffee to salt water taffy straight from New Jersey. It’s a fun, tasty way to explore a new city without booking plane tickets.