Backyard Activities for the Whole Family

Children playing in backyard teepee

Summer is winding down, which means now is the time to take advantage of your beautiful backyard while you can.

When the last of the warm temps and blue skies beckon, you can bring on the family fun with these anything-but-basic backyard activities:

  • Camping. You don’t need to travel far from home to enjoy a good, old-fashioned campout. Just stock up on ingredients for s’mores, pitch a tent and let the family bonding commence!
  • Nature art. Use your backyard as inspiration for a unique family art project. Gather and glue flowers, leaves, twigs and other natural elements to a canvas. Enhance your collective masterpiece with paint, glitter and additional embellishments!
  • Bubble dance party. Crank up the tunes and show off your best moves with a family dance party! Add a little ambiance—and take the fun to the next level—with an automatic bubble machine. This model releases up to 3,000 whimsical bubbles per minute!
  • Lawn games. Challenge your loved ones to a variety of backyard games and crown the victor “Ruler of the Great Outdoors!” Some popular picks to consider: six-player croquet, Tumbling Timbers giant stacking game and, of course, bean bag toss.
  • Divide your family into teams and see who has the best aim with water balloons. This colorful set makes a splash with its award-winning design, which allows you to fill and tie 100 balloons in only 60 seconds!
  • Hula hoop contest. Take a break from indoor aerobics and get your family’s heart rates pumping with a backyard hula hoop contest. Whoever lasts longest without their hoop hitting the ground is the champion!

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