Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father holding young son in air

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” –Unknown

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Make it a special day with these fun ways to celebrate the old man! 

Get Dad outdoors.
Arriving at the tail end of spring, Father’s Day offers a good chance of sunny, warm weather for outdoor play. Whether it’s a fishing trip, a bike ride or a scenic drive, if your dad likes to relax in nature, celebrate Father’s Day by taking him out on his favorite excursion.

Pamper Dad.
Moms get treated to the spa and salon; why not pamper Dad, too? A hot towel and straight razor at a high-end barbershop or men’s salon will leave him feeling ship-shape and well loved. They may even offer a glass of his favorite adult beverage. Plus, you might find a store in your area with additional services like manicures, pedicures, scalp massages and shoe shines.

Laugh with Dad.
Think your old man could learn some new dad jokes? Find some good local standup (so bad it’s funny counts too) and take him out for an evening of laughs. While you’re at it, treat him to a nice dinner.

Organize a cookout in Dad’s honor.
Cue up some classic dad rock tracks, heat up the grill and serve up his favorite backyard cuisine. If grandparents or uncles and brothers with kids live nearby, this can also be a great way for multiple generations to celebrate Father’s Day together.

Challenge Dad to friendly competition.
Your dad might have taught you a thing or two out on the golf course or basketball court. Challenge him to a friendly match at his favorite sport, and be sure to allow a charitable mulligan or two in his honor.

Have a fun time celebrating Father’s Day!

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