Home Improvement Resolutions

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New Years is the time we make promises to ourselves about what we would like improve upon in the coming year. Many people resolve to lose weight, exercise, eat healthier, commit to a hobby, or kick a bad habit to the curb. Setting goals and guidelines to improve your quality of life does not have to be limited. This year, how about setting resolutions for your home?


Do you walk past that coat closet and have to look away from the mountain of boots, shoes and gloves piled on the bottom?

Try choosing one closet to focus on per week. These ideas are a great way to begin organizing.

Making Better Use of the Space:


Everyone has certain kitchen items they use more than others. Prioritize your favorite cooking utensils by putting them in a primary location. An easily-accessible drawer or tool crock makes cooking that much easier and more enjoyable. Have kids with special cups or items you’d like them to reach for themselves? Put them in a cabinet at a kid-friendly height.


Clearing clutter is a common goal for bedrooms. Another way to make better use of your sleeping space is to make it comfortable for just that—sleeping. This article discusses Why Electronics Don’t Belong in Your Bedroom. Creating a peaceful sleeping space makes for more restful nights and productive days to work on all your other resolutions! Your laptop can charge in the kitchen.

Laundry Room:

There are a variety of ways to make better use of your laundry room. If many of your clothes need to air dry, consider purchasing a drying rack to keep wet clothes all in one place until they’re dry. If liquid detergent drips and creates more mess than it cleans, try using laundry pods instead.

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Make a Schedule:

Lastly, set yourself up for success. Next year, your home won’t have to be one of your resolutions if you set up a monthly schedule to focus on. For example, March can be backyard month. May can be garage month and September can be time to spruce up the living room. Focusing on making desired changes one room at a time makes the process more manageable.

Is your space just not working in the way you need? Sometimes the best solution is to move on. Consider these 5 Signs You’re Ready to Buy a New Home Now.