Home Storage: What to Look for During Your House Hunt

Kitchen with ample cabinets and a table set for a meal

You’re in the market for a new home, and at the top of your list: abundant storage space. Good news! Unlike many years ago when builders seemed to skimp on  home storage (tour any historic home and you’re practically guaranteed to find the closets lacking!), new homes typically allow ample room for all of your belongings.

Following are some storage opportunities to look for during your new home search:

  • Cabinets. Make sure that your next home has plenty of cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. If you decide to build a new home, be sure to ask about options, such as extended cabinets and extra cabinets.
  • Kitchen island. Often standard in new homes, kitchen islands are a not only a great way to incorporate additional counter space, they can add valuable storage space for utensils, serving pieces and small appliances as well.
  • Pantries. Walk-in pantries are a common feature in new homes. Many of Richmond American’s floor plans offer optional butler’s pantries for even more storage space!
  • Tech center. Perfect for studying, researching new recipes or sorting household bills, tech centers may include an assortment of storage solutions, such as drawers, shelves and cabinets.
  • Closets. From coat closets to linen closets and walk-in closets, new homes are generally known for offering generous closet space.
  • Key drop. In addition to being a convenient place to deposit your keys, mail and small pocket items when you enter the home, built-in key drops often offer cabinets and a countertop for storage.
  • Under-stair storage. Some new homes—especially townhomes—provide extra storage space beneath the staircase. Be sure to check under the stairs when you’re touring new homes!
  • Extended or tandem garages. In addition to multiple-car garages, many new homes offer extended garages to accommodate storage or workshops.
  • Basement storage rooms. Unfinished basements are synonymous with storage, and even finished ones typically include a storage room. If you live in an area where basements are prevalent, be sure to scope out them out for storage solutions!

Happy house hunting! Keep following our blog for more homebuyer resources and be sure to check out our home organizing ideas Pinterest board!