How to Organize Your Closet in One Saturday

Dresses and blouses on clothes hangers


6:00 a.m.: you hit snooze.
6:15 a.m.: shower. 
7:00 a.m.: bagel and the morning news. 
7:30 a.m.: in pursuit of your favorite belt, you’re toppled by a tower of sweaters. 
7:40 a.m.: you spend 10 minutes looking for your other brown shoe. 

Familiar scenario? Ironing the snags out of your morning routine is easier when your closet is in order. Luckily, just one lazy Saturday devoted to organizing your closet can make all the difference. And we’ve made it easy! Win the wardrobe war before Sunday with these easy closet organization ideas.

Early Morning:
Purge! Take everything out of the closet and decide what can go. Only keep clothing that fits you now, and sell or donate anything you haven’t worn in the last six months. Life is too short to spend mornings sifting through items that no longer meet your needs. If you do lose a few pounds, don’t you deserve something better than outdated jeans?

Scrub! Before you organize or put anything back, vacuum, sweep and dust your closet space.

Late Morning:
Stow! Hide your seasonal items. For fashion divas and those with shoe fetishes, even large closets can become cramped. Putting away seasonal clothing will instantly create space. Let your winter coat sleep the summer away in the basement or in an under-bed bin.

Pause! Take a step back, grab a quick lunch and think about ways you can store everything you’ve chosen to keep. Decide whether you need to buy extra storage containers, or if you can use things you already own. Make sure anything you buy is a complete solution and allows you quick access to your clothing. A single shoe rack for 20 pairs of shoes is not effective if you own 30.

Early Afternoon:
Organize! Sort the clothes you are keeping by color, type (casual, formal, business) and season. Invest in wall hooks for hanging accessories, and use skinny hangers and clear tubs to save space. If you store things in shoeboxes, label them clearly so you don’t have to dig into them every time you’re looking for something.

Late Afternoon:
Relax! You’re done! Admire your newly organized closet and look forward to a stress-free Monday morning.

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