How to Set up a Homework Station for Kids

Homework station with white cabinets and desk

Want to set your kids up for academic success this school year? A homework station can help! Follow these simple steps to create a dedicated homework area that’s so inviting, they’ll actually look forward to their next assignment!

  1. Choose a location. It can be tough to concentrate in noisy, heavily trafficked areas, so your kitchen table probably won’t make an ideal space for school work. Instead, find a private, well-lit area that is free of distractions. If you have more than one child, set up multiple homework stations—space and budget permitting, of course!
  2. Add comfort and function. A place for homework needs to, well… work. Outfit the study station with a large desk or table and a supportive chair. After all, you don’t want your star student(s) ditching their dedicated workspace in favor of the couch.
  3. And don’t forget style. The homework station is part of your well-appointed home, so dress up the space with attractive accessories, like a beautiful bulletin board, personalized desk mat, elegant pencil holder and eye-catching area rug. If lighting leaves a bit to be desired, add a decorative desk lamp as well!
  4. Seek out storage solutions. Ideally, the desk will have plenty of drawers, but if not, feel free to add paper trays, cabinets, shelving and even a rolling storage cart. Decorative storage bins are also great for housing a variety of school supplies.
  5. Stock up on supplies. If your child has everything they need at their fingertips, they will have no excuse not to get right to work. Gather all the basics, such as pens, pencils, paper, tape, scissors and a stapler, and organize them in a logical fashion. Then, check your student’s supply list to see which additional items are needed.

Best wishes for a wonderful school year! Be sure to peruse our Pinterest boards for additional organizing and decorating tips.