Labor Day Grilling Recipes

Outdoor kitchen

For many, weekdays have already settled into a schedule defined by school and fall activities, but there’s still one important summer celebration to look forward to: Labor Day weekend! Round up your family, fire up the grill and give summer a proper sendoff with these sumptuous and crowd-pleasing Labor Day grilling recipes.

Appetizers and Sides

  • Mexican grilled corn.
    Also known as elotes, this creamy and cheesy variation on corn packs a lot of flavor.
  • Grilled parmesan potatoes.
    Nothing quite like hot potatoes fresh off the grill. Take red potatoes, add a little parmesan, garlic salt, onion and oregano, and your guests will be in tater heaven.
  • Grilled sweet potatoes.
    If you’re more of a sweet potato person, this recipe’s got you covered—mixing in a little lime and cilantro (or parsley) for extra zest.
  • Grilled onion blossoms.
    A bloomin’ onion on a grill? Oh yes.

Main Course



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