Pi Day Pie Recipes

Cherry pie with pi symbol in center

If you plan to celebrate Pi Day by indulging in a slice or two (or 3.14…) of delicious pie, we’ve got you covered! At least one of the following recipes is sure to become a constant (pun intended!) in your kitchen.

  • Best Apple Pie. Is it the buttery crust? Or perhaps the sweet apple filling? It’s hard to pinpoint what makes this dessert so delicious, but it’s a far cry from your run-of-the-mill apple pie!
  • Black-Bottom Banana Cream Pie. Crushed Oreo cookies, fresh banana slices, gooey hot fudge and homemade whipped cream… This decadent no-bake recipe raises the bar for banana desserts!
  • Easy Crumble Cherry Pie. If you’re a fan of cherry pie, you need to add this recipe to your repertoire ASAP. It doesn’t get much easier—or tastier!
  •  Lemon Ice Box Pie. Why wait for summer to enjoy your favorite citrus confection? With bright, zesty lemon and a smooth custard filling, lemon ice box pie is a perfect pick for Pi Day and every day!
  •  Grasshopper Ice Cream Pie. This must-try ice cream pie can be assembled in just 15 minutes. Not a fan of mint? Substitute your favorite flavor in its place!
  •  Peanut Butter S’mores Pie. Enjoy all the components of the classic campfire treat—plus peanut butter—in a simple-to-prepare pie. This remarkably easy recipe will definitely have you craving s’more!
  •  Savory Tomato, Feta and Basil Pie. Not a fan of dessert? Grab the feta, garlic and fresh basil and indulge in this tasty twist on classic tomato pie instead!
  • The Best Classic Chicken Pot Pie. Craving comfort food on Pi Day? From its flaky crust to its rich, creamy filling, this flavorful chicken pot pie is sure to satisfy!

Happy Pi Day! Check out our Pies to Try Pinterest board for more mouthwatering pie recipes!