Prepping Your Patio for Grilling Season

Beautifully landscaped back patio with grill and sitting areas

Warmer weather has finally arrived in many parts of the country, and you know what that means. Grilling season is once again upon us! But before you even think about gathering your family and friends and firing up the barbeque, you’ll want to make sure your deck or patio is clean, comfortable and dressed to impress. Check out these tips for prepping your outdoor area for your next backyard bash.  

Spruce up your space.

Beautiful patio with outdoor fireplace and seating

When you hear the phrase “spring cleaning,” your patio might not be the first part of your home that comes to mind. But for many, having a tidy, organized outdoor space is as important as decluttering the living room or cleaning out the closets. To prep your patio for guests, sweep away any debris and enlist the aid of a high-powered hose or pressure washer. Also, ready your yard for entertaining by raking leaves, mowing the lawn, pruning bushes and aerating the soil, if needed.   

Clean your grill, too.

Man cleaning a grill with a metal brush

Ready to show off your skills on the grill? Well, you can’t host a barbeque if your grill isn’t up to the task. To get it ready, remove food debris from the grates and oil them to prevent meat and vegetables from sticking. Double check that your BBQ tools are clean and free of rust, and purchase replacements if necessary. And be sure to have plenty of propane on hand for your cookout—or charcoal bricks, depending on your grill type.

Wash your outdoor furniture.

Chairs surrounding a patio fire pit

Has your outdoor furniture seen better days? Be sure to scrub your patio table, chairs and/or sofa(s) thoroughly before your guests arrive. If your efforts don’t pay off, it might be time to consider shopping for replacements—especially if your items are old or you live in an area that’s prone to wind, rain, snow or hail.   

Tell mosquitoes to buzz off.

Burning wick of a citronella candle

Don’t let party crashing pests ruin your big BBQ. Keep mosquitoes and other bothersome bugs at bay during your event by tenting your food and burning citronella candles. Also, consider keeping some bug spray handy in case your guests need it. 

Make your pool sparkle.

Beautiful backyard with a pool, pergola, sitting areas and a grill

If you’re fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard, make sure it’s clean and ready for visitors. Scoop out leaves and other debris with a skimmer net and consider scrubbing the walls and floor with a pool brush. Also be sure to check the water chemistry to ensure that it’s pH balanced and add chlorine (if needed) to eliminate any bacteria.

Don’t forget your flair.

Pergola with sitting area and nearby grill

After you’ve gassed up your grill and the lawn is looking lush, it’s time for some finishing touches. Dress up your deck with an eye-catching outdoor rug and colorful cushions. Brighten the space with fresh flowers (consider adding a container garden) and some strategically placed lanterns and/or string lights. Consider adding a fire table or pit, and showcase your style by hanging weather-resistant wall art. And if you have a pool, add a little life to the party with whimsical rafts, floats and pool toys.

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