Stop Paying for Off-site RV Storage

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Did you make a PROs and CONs list before you decided to buy a big recreational vehicle? Whether it was a camper, boat, ATV or jet ski, it’s a safe bet that this question crossed your mind:

What am I going to do with it when I’m not using it?

If you’re house hunting, there’s an answer that will knock that CON right off the list. Forget RV storage rental or awkward driveway parking—we have floor plans with an attached, extra-tall garage designed to fit your super-sized storage needs and on-the-go lifestyle!

Goodbye, storage fees! 

How much are you paying to store your toys? Over time, those fees add up! What if you could put that money toward your own net worth instead of someone else’s profits?

Average monthly cost of vehicle storage

Rounded down; retrieved 7/13/2023 from

Albuquerque Denver Phoenix
40′ unit:    $592 40′ unit:    $365 40′ unit:    $117
30′ unit:    $307 30′ unit:    $349 30′ unit:    $251
Austin Jacksonville Sacramento
40′ unit:    $144 40′ unit:    $105 40′ unit:    $300
30′ unit:    $275 30′ unit:    $334 30′ unit:    $189
Boise Las Vegas Salt Lake City
40′ unit:    $175 40′ unit:    $236 40′ unit:    $135
30′ unit:    $286 30′ unit:    $264 30′ unit:    $216

With an UltraGarage®, you could have a comparable amount of storage space and the cost is a part of your own monthly mortgage payment. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of 24/7/365 access to your vehicle, so you can pack it, clean it, repair it or use it without a thought for business hours. Bonus: there’s no extra travel time standing between you and the beginning of your adventure (or between you and your bed once it’s over).

Hello, peace of mind!

If you’re worried about the effects of UV, wind, hail and extreme temperatures—or human acts of theft, accidental collision or vandalism—you’ve probably considered storing your vehicles indoors. The problem is, indoor storage for large vehicles may be hard to find and almost certainly carries a higher monthly fee than uncovered parking.   

An UltraGarage® brings your prized possessions under your own roof (and your own watchful eye). You won’t have to wonder how your motorhome fared during a hailstorm, or whether your boat collided with the dock in high winds. A peek through the garage door will answer most questions.


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