Tackle These 4 Outdoor Lighting Tasks This Fall

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Guest Post iconToday, our vendor Kichler Lighting is sharing a few seasonal lighting tips!

It’s a sure sign that autumn has arrived when the days get shorter and leaves start changing from green to red and gold. Now is the time to get ahead and do routine maintenance on your outdoor lighting before winter.

Even though exterior lights are pretty low maintenance, there are some basic tasks that you need to do to ensure peak performance, especially when the weather changes. It’s best to tackle these tasks in the fall between our two most challenging seasons (summer and winter).

1. Cleaning Time

By the fall, most exterior lights need a good wash to look as pristine as these Capanna™ Wall Lights. Before you start cleaning, turn off the circuit breaker to all of your outside lights to prevent getting shocked. Remove light bulbs and inset glass panels, if possible. Remember to use a soft cloth and soapy water to remove dirt, dust and water spots instead of chemical cleaning products (unless recommended by the lighting manufacturer). Rinse fixtures with water and dry with a soft cloth to avoid streaking. Avoid getting water in or around light sockets or risk damaging fixtures and getting shocked when you put bulbs back in. 

2. Replacing Bulbs

As you look to replace your bulbs, consider utilizing LED. There are many benefits to LED as this type of bulb can offer years of reliable illumination for a fraction of the cost to power incandescent. When researching LED bulbs for outdoor fixtures, look for a damp-rated bulb, ideally for enclosed fixtures. Also, consider a color temperature around 2700 Kelvin (K) as it offers a warm, inviting glow.

3. Install a Timer

It’s easy to forget to turn on your outdoor lights every day! Changing your wall switch to one with a timer can help maximize your outdoor lighting for both curb appeal and added security. Set the timer to illuminate at dusk and turn off again at dawn. Be sure to adjust your timer in fall and spring to account for the increase and decrease in daylight hours.

4. Tidy Up

Before the winter months, trim back shrubs or plants that are blocking light fixtures. Clean up any fallen leaves that are building up around your outdoor lights. Take a moment to view your home from the perspective of your holiday guests—from the street, sidewalk, driveway and steps—and make sure their path is clear and well lit. The right lighting is sure to create a great first impression to welcome your visitors. Fall is here, and winter is on the way. Make the most of this transition season to get your home in shape, both inside and out. Routine maintenance like this doesn’t take long to do, but can go a long way in helping your exterior lighting continue to perform well.