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Habit Tracking: A Recipe for Success with New Year’s Resolutions

January 3, 2020

It happens to all of us: despite our best intentions, the grand resolutions we make on January 1 tend to end up forgotten by the time February rolls around. Many of the most common goals (lose weight, change careers, etc.), are so daunting, it can be hard to follow through. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by your 2020 resolutions, don’t resign yourself to an early defeat—try habit tracking, a popular method for achieving your goals.

What is habit tracking?

Habit tracking is the process of logging the small steps you take each day that bring you closer to realizing your big goals. These bite-size, achievable actions add up over time, and are a powerful tool when pursuing big-picture New Year’s resolutions. For instance, if your overarching goal is save for a new home, some daily habits to track might be:

  • Skip the local coffee shop
  • Pack lunch (instead of eating out)
  • Carpool (to save on gas)
  • Wait 24 hours after finding an online item to purchase it (chances are you’ll forget about it by the next night!)

Essentially, it’s a to-do list of habits that will, in time, lead you to success with your resolutions.

Why habit tracking works

Habit tracking can make you more likely to achieve your New Year’s resolutions because it focuses on your daily actions rather than long-term success, giving you an ongoing sense of achievement and helping you build momentum. Repeating your healthy habits on a daily basis can also make them feel more like second nature rather than a chore. Plus, you’ll build confidence as you check off your habits each day, motivating you to continue forward toward your larger goals.

How do I track my habits?

If habit tracking sounds right for you, there are plenty of easy ways to log your daily actions. Check out the resources below!

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