13 Spooky Halloween Recipes for Kids

Two children in witch hats peeking over a fence

Halloween is right around the corner, and you’re in for a treat! We’ve gathered 13 of the sweetest, spookiest and, quite frankly, most gruesome recipes we could find. Prepare them…if you dare!

1. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats. The cereal staple takes the shape of fall’s most famous fruit—the pumpkin. It’s a seasonal spin on everyone’s go-to goodie!

2. Candy Corn Halloween Bark. If you’re craving white chocolate, candy corn and sprinkles, you’re definitely barking up the right tree!

3. Pretzel Broomsticks. Your Halloween party will really take flight with these tiny, tasty broomsticks. Shredded phyllo dough gives them a magically realistic effect!

4. Dracula’s Dentures. Open wide! These chewy, chocolate chip choppers are sure to impress even the pickiest Halloween guests.

5. Candy Corn Milkshakes. Want to shake things up this October? Enjoy this cool, creamy candy corn-inspired milkshake all month long!

6. Halloweeño Jalepeño Popper Mummies. Think this festive treat is simply too cute to eat? Well, you’d better double the recipe because these mummies are exceptionally yummy.

7. Eye of Newt Pretzels. All eyes will (literally) be on this crunchy, colorful Halloween treat! Tip: Add a few to a plastic cauldron for an easy (and appetizing) party centerpiece.

8. Skeleton Cupcakes. Make no bones about it, these skeleton cupcakes are as simple as they are scrumptious. Bake (or buy) your cupcake base and assemble in minutes!

9. Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops. Experiment in the kitchen with Mary Shelley’s feature creature! Cute or creepy? You decide!

10. Pretzel Candy Spiderwebs. Pretzels, white chocolate, sprinkles, chocolate chips… Guests will be crawling all over this salty, sweet snack!

11. Ghost Cookies. Searching for a new Halloween cookie to wow your friends and family? These spooktacular ghosts are easy to prepare and hauntingly delicious!

12. Dirt Pudding Cups with Worms. Dig in the dirt with this creepy, crawly dessert. Finally, it’s okay for little boys and ghouls to play with their food!

13. Haunted Hooting Owl Pretzels. Whoo-oo wants to give this brilliant recipe a try? Owl of the ingredients combine to create a spooky and satisfying Halloween snack.

Happy Halloween! Keep following our blog and be sure to check out our Pinterest boards for more creative recipes and entertaining ideas!