4 Reasons to Buy a Home in the Summer

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With vacations on the calendar and leisure in the air, real estate can sometimes slow down in the summer. But if moving isn’t on your mind, you may want to reconsider. Buying a new home during the summer season has its perks!

  1. More personalized time and attention
    If the market is experiencing a seasonal lull, it can be a great time to engage with a real estate agent. When you want to visit a home quickly, your agent may be less likely to have a scheduling conflict. What’s more, sales associates at new home communities may have more slots on their calendar to devote to answering your questions and giving you guided tours.
  1. Great time to switch school districts
    Moving and switching schools during the school year can be difficult on kids. If you have children and you’re looking to move, buying in the summer is a great way to start fresh. For those wanting to get moved and settled quickly, we recommend checking out quick move-in homes. These homes are already under construction and can be available on a shorter timeline.
Tip! On RichmondAmerican.com, be sure to select the Show me quick move-in homes checkbox to see a list of homes in your area.
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  1. Touring and moving weather
    Summer weather can vary across the country, but in the warmer months, you won’t have to worry about having to reschedule a move because of a blizzard or extremely cold weather. Summer can be a great time to make your move, especially in markets with all four seasons.
  1. Great for housewarming parties
    Mingling with new neighbors is more fun when everyone isn’t huddled by the fire or shivering in parkas on the back deck. Invite people over for a housewarming party and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather together, preferably with cold lemonade in one hand and big slice of watermelon in the other!

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If a summer move is on the horizon for you, be sure to check out Richmond American’s specials happening in your area!

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