4 Signs You Picked the Perfect Home

Family gathered around table with food

Choosing a new home can be challenging, especially with so much pressure to make the “right” decision. If you’re having a hard time identifying your favorite listing, the following signs might help determine if you’ve picked the perfect home for your needs. 

It matches your must-haves

Every homebuyer has a list of things they can’t live without, and those priorities are the key to knowing when you’ve found the perfect home. No matter how much you love the aesthetic of a listing you’re looking at, you won’t like living there if your commute is impossible and the area doesn’t complement your lifestyle. In the same vein, if a home is in an ideal location but has too few bedrooms or a less then desirable layout, it’s probably not a choice you’ll be happy with in the long run.

You can’t wait to add your own style

When you tour a home and immediately start envisioning what your favorite armchair will look like in the living room or the hours you’ll spend relaxing on the covered patio, you know it’s a winner! If a home inspires you to put your own personal touch on it, you should probably trust your instincts. At our Home Gallery™, Richmond American offers hundreds of ways to make your new home your own, including exciting design and structural options. Learn more about the process here!

You love the kitchen

Whether it’s entertaining guests, whipping up a delicious meal or helping with homework, we tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And, unlike most other rooms in a house, you don’t have a “spare” kitchen if you decide you hate yours once you’ve moved in. If you walked into your potential home and couldn’t stop praising the kitchen, it’s definitely a top contender.

It’s versatile

Another important factor in finding your perfect home is deciding if it fits with your future. Think about things like a spare bedroom, garage space and layout: planning ahead could save you from a big headache down the line.

One sign that you should keep shopping

You “sort of” like the home. If you aren’t sure about your dream home before you buy it, you probably won’t ever love living there. Take your time when making your decision—you don’t want to be considering another move in a year or two.