4 Tips to Help Sell Your Home Quickly This Summer

Wall light outside front door of home

Today, our vendor Kichler Lighting is sharing a few lighting tips to help sell your home!

Guest Post iconIf you’re looking to move into a Richmond American Home but need to sell your current home first, then now is the time to get started. Research* shows that these warmer months of spring and summer are the best time to sell your current home quickly and maximize return. With time at home and the kids all on summer break, it is also the perfect time to make some changes to enhance your curb appeal.

To create a memorable first impression with buyers who either drive by or house-hunt online, follow these tips before placing that “for sale” sign in your yard.

  1. Wash and repair the exterior
    If your home’s exterior has accumulated dirt and grime, wash the windows and power wash siding, too. Remove debris from the roof. Repair cracked or uneven pavement. Liven up your landscaping, trim bushes and weed your yard. Don’t forget to mow and edge to show off a manicured lawn that buyers will love.
  1. Make a statement with the front door
    The front door is one of the first things potential buyers will see. So, try painting or staining your front door and trim. Add in some accessories to make your front porch pop like a few potted plants and a statement piece, such as Kichler Lighting’s Hatteras Bay Wall Light. It’s a good pick for both ambiance and safety with its classic industrial look and clear Fresnel lens.
  1. Repaint the garage door. And more…
    Driveways and garage doors are two big items that can help your home make a statement. If your driveway has any spots or stains, remember to power wash them away. And if your garage door is faded, update it with a new coat of paint. Try adding or replacing the decorative lighting around the garage door with fixtures that deliver a bright, yet soft glow, like this fixture from Kichler’s Toman Collection. The elongated nature of the fixture delivers ample light, while the frosted glass minimizes glare for those pulling up to the garage.
  1. Observe the path from the curb to the entryway. Even at night!
    Take a moment to make sure your house numbers are clearly visible from the street to help potential buyers easily find your home. Also, don’t forget to clean up your mailbox, gutters and fence. Consider the view at night as buyers often check out potential neighborhoods to see how well-lit homes are and if they’d feel safe living there. To help alleviate any concerns (and deliver some serious nighttime wow), install outdoor lighting that illuminates both your home and yard. Walking paths, porches, entryways, and entertainment areas are always the best candidates for illumination.

To sell your current home for top dollar so you can move into your dream Richmond American home, your current home must put its best foot forward—both inside and out.

Ready to get started?

* Source: Zillow When Is the Best Time to Sell Your House?: Best time to sell a house in your area.