7 Design Refresh Ideas for Spring

Whide orchid sitting on dark entry table next to stairs

As the days grow longer and flowers bloom again, you can just feel the excitement in the air. Spring is here! This year, why not make a special point to bring the freshness of the season into your home? Whether you’ve just moved in or have been in your place for years, consider these seven ways to give your home a lift for the warmer weather.

  1. Spring for colorful plants and flowers: Spider plants and ivy are great year round, but when you introduce color into your home, you create a new kind of energy. A few flowering plants, such as African violets, hibiscus or geraniums, can instantly cheer up a room. Or display vases of seasonal cut flowers, such as tulips or peonies, to include the sights of spring with little effort.
  2. Purchase new bedding: Crisp bed linens—colorful sheets and a pastel-colored duvet and shames—will easily transform a bedroom from the darks of winter to the brights of spring in no time. Go for solids or patterns that enhance your wall color or area furnishings.
  3. Toss in a few brightly colored pillows: New throw pillows in your living areas—think lighter fabrics and complementary, vibrant spring tones—can quickly give your sofas and comfortable chairs a fresh look. It’s like having brand-new furniture—for a whole lot less.
  4. Accessorize with mirrors: Need a bright idea to cheer up your home? Capture the reflecting rays of sunlight by strategically placing a few mirrors—in multiple sizes—along hallways, in smaller rooms or even in your great room. A little sunshine works wonders.
  5. Paint your foyer: A splash of paint can go a long way toward brightening your home—all while creating a welcoming first impression throughout your entryway. Choose a cheerful seasonal shade that will enliven your space and put a little spring in the step of all who enter.
  6. Treat yourself to colorful table linens: Whether your like to entertain or just enjoy relaxing meals with family, new tablecloths, placemats and napkins can make a world of difference while dining. Choose a delightful combination of patterns and solids as you set your table for spring.
  7. Hang new artwork: Consider changing out a few pieces of your current art collection to create inspiring new views. Purchase a few pieces that work well in any room. Or mix and match what you already have, moving artwork from one room to another to give new life to each wall. If your child is a budding artist, frame a recent masterpiece to hang in the great room or a bedroom.

As you can imagine, spring decorating possibilities are endless. You can choose to refresh your entire residence or just a single room—or anything along the spectrum. No matter how you opt to revive your space, welcoming spring into your home is a brilliant way to greater enjoy the beauty of the season.

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