Designing a Bedroom to Grow With Your Child

A child with paintbrush standing next to a ladder

It’s difficult to picture it when your child is an infant, but he or she will grow fast and bedroom needs will change just as quickly. Making smart choices when it comes to kids’ room décor will save you money and make transitions easier as your child ages.

Keep the walls neutral
Perhaps the best way to set up a child’s room for transitioning through the years is to paint the walls a versatile, neutral color. Although it may be tempting to paint the walls pink for a princess bedroom, try bringing in the theme in other ways. Pillows, rugs, bedding, art and lighting can all be switched out to transform the space. Vinyl wall decals and murals also offer high impact with low commitment and can serve as great ways to carry out a theme.

Get inspiration from these unique and fun decals!
Circus train
Overlapping hearts
Imaginary castle

Invest in classic furniture
Furniture isn’t always the best place to tie the theme of your room into the décor. Although your son may be into cars now, a red convertible Corvette bed will only be fun until he’s moved on to his next phase six months down the road. Instead, select solid furniture that can work for both a young child and a teenager alike. Then bring in your child’s personality with items like bedding and artwork. It’s a lot easier to switch out superhero sheets for surfer sheets than it is to buy a new bed!

Make it easy to switch out artwork
The simpler it is to switch out art in your child’s room, the easier it will be to transform the room as your child grows. Here are some ideas:

  • Floating wall shelves
    Instead of hanging artwork, invest in narrow shelving. Place frames on the shelves and switch out the art and knick knacks at your whim!
  • Hang art on cables
    Have an influx of art and projects coming in from school? Use them as décor by hanging them from clips on a cable and switch them out whenever the inspiration hits! Also available at IKEA.

For more ideas, check out our Kid’s room inspiration board on Pinterest.