Breakfasts on the Go

Make ahead egg muffins

It’s no secret that high-calorie fast-food breakfasts can expand your waistline and shrink your savings (money that could go toward a down payment on a new home!). So, don’t let hectic mornings serve as an excuse for hitting the nearest drive through. Instead, check out these nutritious, delicious, make-ahead breakfast recipes that will power you through the a.m. without hampering your health, depleting your bank account or putting a hitch in your routine. 

  • Brownie Batter Overnight Protein Oatmeal. Brownie batter for breakfast? Yes, please! This protein-packed version of the fabulous fudgy dessert requires minimal prep time the night before.
  • Scrambled Egg Muffins. Eggs are the ultimate breakfast food, and these flavorful make-ahead muffins offer the ultimate in convenience. You won’t have to scramble to prepare your morning meal!
  • Make Ahead Breakfast Quesadillas. Warm, cheesy quesadillas aren’t a bad way to start the day. The recipe calls spinach and beans, but feel free to incorporate any veggies that appeal to you.
  • Banana Protein Breakfast Cheesecakes. First brownies and now smooth, luxurious (and surprisingly skinny) cheesecake. Who says you can’t have dessert first?!
  • Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos. Breakfast and burritos go hand-in-hand. This incredibly filling, freezer-friendly recipe is a must for anyone looking to add more veggies to their mornings.
  • Country Breakfast Bowls. Your a.m. is about to get a whole lot easier—and tastier! Make room in your freezer ASAP for these super-convenient gluten-free vegetarian bowls.

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