Buyers Find Affordable New Homes in Tolleson, Arizona

Many experts are saying the Phoenix housing market is on the upswing. According to REALTOR® Magazine, Phoenix saw a 29.3% price gain year-over-year, as of February 2013. That’s great news for the industry and the local economy, but what about Phoenix-area homebuyers? Many people who are now priced out of the market within Phoenix city limits are considering new homes in Tolleson, Arizona.

Model home in Tolleson, AZ

The Stacey model home in Tolleson, Arizona

More home for the money
New homes in Tolleson can be a great option for first-time homebuyers and second- and third-time buyers alike. It’s not uncommon to see new home prices in the upper $100,000s. With today’s low rates, that can mean an affordable monthly payment.

Richmond American’s community in Tolleson, The Groves at Farmington Glen, is one such community. Ranch and
two-story homes in this neighborhood offer up to 2,900 square feet, and range in price from the upper $100,000s to mid $200,000s. [SOLD OUT]

“New homes in Tolleson have the square footage and a value that can’t be matched in many other parts of the city,” said Mike Banner, Sales Manager for Richmond American Homes. “Affordability is a big priority for Phoenix-area homebuyers today.”

Peaceful, country setting
Another reason homebuyers are turning to new homes in Tolleson is the location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While the daily commute to downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale is only around 20 to 30 minutes, Tolleson still maintains a quiet, country feel.

Sense of community
The City of Tolleson’s website vows to “retain the foundation of our family-oriented, friendly, small town atmosphere.” Those words really sum up what the city is all about.

This past weekend, the city celebrated Whoopee Daze Gold Rush Days, an event hosted at a local park featuring a parade, food vendors, a craft fair and music for the whole family to enjoy. Other annual events include Movies in the Park, a 4th of July celebration and Luces de Navidad, a two-day festival in December with a carnival and all-day entertainment.

To learn more about new homes in Tolleson, and to discover how you can be a part of this close-knit community, feel free to give us a call at 480-448-7007.