Buying a Home in the Offseason

Psst… we’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s no such thing as an offseason when it comes to searching for your dream home. It all boils down to what makes a particular homebuying season the best time to buy for your circumstances. So if you’ve been itching to get out there and find your dream home right away, don’t wait because you’ve heard that the holiday season isn’t the best time to buy. You might find that conditions are just right. Read on for our full list of why the so-called offseason might be the best time to buy a home for you.

Savings, savings, savings!
Retail isn’t the only industry with attractive holiday specials. Homebuilders are just as keen to move as much inventory as possible before the end of the year. And with fewer active homebuyers for builders to sell to, you could discover that the bargain-hunting is too good to pass up.

Quick move-in opportunities
Many homebuilders during the offseason still offer a good selection of quick move-in homes, also known as inventory or spec homes. These are brand-new homes that are already partially or completely built, giving you a potential move-in date that could have you celebrating the new year from the comfort of your brand-new home.

Potentially smoother move
Just as you may be facing less competition for your house hunt over the holidays, there also won’t be as many homebuyers vying for moving services, such as movers or carpet cleaners. As a result, buying a house in the winter could offer the added benefit of easily scheduling such services exactly when you want and at a more affordable cost.

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