Flooring Options: A Big Step For Your New Home

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An advantage of buying a brand-new home is the freedom to personalize the space. And that means floors are fair game. From carpet to tile to hardwood, the flooring options can seem endless. Your new home is a reflection of your unique personality and style, so be sure to select surfaces that you’ll enjoy looking at—and walking on—for many years to come.

So, where do you start your “floor planning?” When you buy a brand-new home with Richmond American, the professional designers at the company’s Home Gallery™ will help you choose colors, textures, finishes and fixtures for your new living space—a complimentary service! Whatever floor you choose, you can count on these seasoned design pros to help ensure it coordinates with your cabinets, countertops and wall color to create a cohesive, inviting look and feel.

Here, our design consultants share a few flooring tips and trends:

Carpet: Soft, lush carpet in a bedroom or study is cozy and inviting, evoking relaxation. If you haven’t shopped for carpet in a while, you’ll marvel at today’s collections. Over the years, the quality of fibers has improved, providing a greater selection of plusher options. Many carpets now offer new technology with better soil and wear resistance. At the Home Gallery™, take time to explore the plentiful fiber types and styles, including textured and patterned varieties, and the medley of colors that are bound to catch your eye.

Tile: When only tile will do, such as in a bathroom, rest assured you’ll find an abundant selection of ceramic and porcelain varieties—even those that mimic hardwood or marble thanks to more advanced digital printing techniques. If you’re inspired by designs that create a specialized encaustic pattern, many fashion tiles will suit your taste. Non-traditional shapes, such as hexagonal tiles, are now becoming the sought-after style for bathroom flooring.

Laminate and Luxury Vinyl: Some people get these two confused because they both offer a wood look at a more affordable price point. For exceptionally durable and waterproof flooring, luxury vinyl is a great option. Both materials mimic wood but boast the easy-to-clean benefit of tile. Laminate and vinyl flooring are also flexible. You can create a low-maintenance, yet visually appealing look by selecting these stylish surfaces, and laminate flooring works especially well in basements and areas where moisture resides. Laminate and luxury vinyl flooring come in a variety of shades, patterns and textures.

Hardwood: When you’d like to create a timeless look that works well throughout the main living areas of your home, true hardwood flooring is a great choice. Natural hardwood flooring provides warmth and durability that can transform a house into a welcoming home. Large-plank wood that measures at least 5″ wide is becoming more prevalent and can be found in a wide array of colors, from cooler grays to a darker espresso.

Natural Colors: While cool tones like gray are classic and remain popular, decorating trends are beginning to move towards warmer, more natural colors. These calming and neutral tones offer a timeless feel, as well as a versatile backdrop for décor.  

Want to know more about personalizing your brand-new Richmond American home? Visit the home design section about the Home Gallery design center.

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