Great Garage Features for Your Next Home

Front of a ranch-style home with an attached RV garage

Making a wish list for your next home? While you’re pondering one floor or two, your bed and bath count and just how much home office space is enough, don’t forget to factor in the not-so-glamorous but oh-so-important garage.

Think about how much space you’ll need, how you’ll use it and what features would enhance your enjoyment of the space, and write that down so you can keep it firmly in focus as other home needs and wants vie for your attention. We’ve given you a head start on your list below. Just tailor it to fit you!

1) Parking space.

At the bare minimum, your garage needs to be large enough to accommodate your current vehicles and any additional ones you plan to own in the near future. Parking in the garage instead of the driveway doesn’t just preserve your curb appeal. It also protects your car or truck from the effects of UV, wind, hail and other environmental hazards.

That applies to all your recreational vehicles too! If you have a boat, camper or other large toys, you might be interested in our attached RV garage. We call it the UltraGarage®, and it’s offered at select communities in several states. Learn more here and see where we’re building it!

2) Storage space.

If you’ve been using your current home’s garage for storage instead of parking, you may want to add “more closet space” or “basement storage” to your growing wish list. However, your next garage should be able to handle its fair share of your storage needs, especially if you aren’t planning to have a tool shed to house your lawn mower and other maintenance equipment. Garages with tandem spaces are especially well suited for this purpose.

3) Work space.

Speaking of uses for a tandem garage space—a workshop is another great one! If you need a spot for a workbench and tools, keep that in mind when shopping for your next garage. Building a new home may allow you to choose options like additional electrical outlets, lighting, a utility sink, and even insulation and climate control to make your workspace more comfortable.

4) Bonus features.

You may not have a lot of luck finding exactly what you want in a resale home, but new homes can offer a variety of garage features that elevate your garage from adequate to outstanding. Planning to own an electric vehicle? Ask the homebuilder about wiring for the charging station. Looking to make a statement with your garage door? Find out about your design choices. Want easier RV maintenance? Ask about an RV cleanout option. Many electrical and plumbing features are much easier to build into a new home than add to an existing one.

For more helpful house hunting tips, including a new home wish list worksheet, download our free First-time Homebuyer Guide!