Why Gated Communities Are Popular with Las Vegas Buyers

Streetscape with two-story homes

Gated communities have become a hot commodity among homebuyers in the Las Vegas area. Check out a few reasons why you might want to join the trend and buy a new home in a gated community. Plus, see where we build in gated communities throughout the Valley!


Are you someone who prizes their alone time? In a gated community, you’re not as likely to deal with surprise visitors like solicitors, canvassers or unannounced friends and family. Sweet, sweet solitude.


You can never have too much peace of mind. A gated community helps ensure that only those who have been granted access by you or your neighbors can enter the neighborhood.


You won’t have to worry so much about non-residents cutting through the neighborhood. And because a gated community is often more tight-knit, resident drivers may feel a greater sense of accountability for their own conduct on neighborhood roads.


Gated communities sometimes come with added amenities, such as pools, fitness centers, golf courses and more—a resort-like experience just outside your door!

Looking for a new home? Check out our gated communities in the Las Vegas area!