Get Your Home Ready to Sell this Spring

Spring will be here before you know it, bringing warmer weather, fragrant flowers and the desire to clean and organize, well, practically everything. But if you plan to sell your home this season, you might want to take your tidying to the next level. Lucky for you, we know what homebuyers are looking for (and we love a good makeover!). Following are some tips to help you get your home ready to sell this spring.

  • Clean up your yard. If you live in a cold-weather climate, there’s a good chance winter wreaked havoc on your lawn and plant beds. But that can be easily remedied by removing dead foliage and debris. Regardless of where you reside, be sure to water and mow your lawn regularly, and don’t forget to clean out your gutters! Adding some vibrant flowers and a fresh layer of mulch or stone can also make your property look more inviting.
  • Spruce up the exterior. Are you familiar with the saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression?” Ensure your home has the curb appeal prospective buyers are seeking by adding a fresh coat of paint if needed. You can also enhance your home’s exterior by pressure washing, replacing your worn-out welcome mat and flanking the front door with elegant urns containing greenery. If you have outdoor furniture, be sure to replace any sun-damaged fabrics and keep surfaces swept clean. An inviting conversation space could be a great selling point!
  • Clear out the clutter. House hunters need to be able to envision living in your home, which might be tough do if it’s crammed with collectibles and other personal items. Rid your living spaces of excess clutter, including knickknacks, family photos and pet items (get additional tips for selling your home with pets) and remember that the less you display, the better. Now is also a great time to box up any cold weather clothes, shoes and linens!
  • Start your spring cleaning. Spring and cleaning go hand-in-hand, especially if you’re trying to get your home ready to sell! So, after you’ve decluttered, gather your supplies and scrub until it sparkles. Don’t forget to address often overlooked areas, such as baseboards, ceiling fans and windows. Not up for the challenge? Consider hiring a professional to do the deep cleaning for you.
  • Make any necessary repairs. Prospective buyers want a home that’s in good working order. That means making all those small repairs you never quite got around to, like patching up holes in walls, replacing chipped floor tiles and fixing that leaky faucet. You may also opt to repaint your walls in a neutral shade that will appeal to most house hunters. If you lack the skills or desire to make such repairs on your own, you may want to enlist the aid of a handyman.
  • Replace outdated fixtures and appliances. Nothing dates a home quite like old light fixtures and appliances. The good news: replacing these items can go a long way toward taking years off (and generating interest in) your home. Try to choose fixtures and appliances that reflect today’s popular styles, but make sure they also fit the design of your abode. For instance, don’t opt for ultra-modern pendant lighting in a more traditional kitchen. 
  • Stage for the season. Once you have taken care of all the above, it’s time to (subtly) showcase the season throughout your living spaces. Think crisp linens and strategically placed throw pillows and blankets in sophisticated florals or soft spring shades. Incorporate vases filled with fresh flowers and add finishing touches, such as a plate of flower-shaped cookies or a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade for guests.
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We hope these tips help you show your home in the best possible light to ensure a speedy spring sale. Visit when you’re ready to start the search for your next home!