Tips for Creating & Placing Garage Sale Signs

Garage sale sign

Between Craigslist browsers and active garage sale shoppers, you might think your garage sale advertising work is done. But, wait! Garage sale signs are still important.

Even in this age of GPS and Google Maps, signs are a valuable part of your garage sale advertising mix. They can draw in casual, impulse shoppers as well help ad respondents find you. Signs can be especially useful if you’re in a rural area, or if you just happen to be the only person with a garage sale in your part of town that day. Shoppers who see your ad online may not think it’s worth the drive for just one sale, but passersby might be persuaded to stop and browse if your garage sale is well marked and easy to find.

Tips for writing garage sale signs:

  • Write signs clearly. Signs are a great way to attract attention and lead traffic to your location. The key is to keep them simple and easy to read from a distance. “Garage Sale” and a directional arrow in a bold, dark color, against a light background should be sufficient. Drivers don’t have time to read much more than that. A good test is to tape your sign to your car and see if you can read it from two or three houses away.
  • Place signs strategically. For best results, place a trail of signs leading from a busy street, all the way back to your sale. Don’t assume that drivers will know which way to turn at each intersection.
  • Post signs legally. It goes without saying that you should ask permission before posting signs on private property. But did you know that in some areas, it may be against city ordinance or HOA rules to post signs on lamp posts, fences and other public structures? If that’s the case in your neighborhood, don’t worry. You may still have legal alternatives. Consider parking your vehicle along a busy street and placing a sign in your windshield. A tall cardboard box weighted with bricks or rocks could also serve as a free-standing sign. Get creative!
  • Don’t forget to take signs down. Unless you want confused shoppers showing up the day after your sale, be sure to gather up all your signs. Your neighbors will thank you.

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