How to Get This Designer Dining Room Look

Touring model homes is a fun way to find design inspiration. Here, we’ve deconstructed a professionally decorated Harper dining room to help you recreate this designer look at home.

Designer dining room

Designer dining room elements

  1. Choose a warm neutral color, like this Basket Beige paint from Sherwin-Williams, then add bursts of color through your furniture, drapes, rugs and other accessories.
  2. Highlight architectural features, like crown molding, with a lighter color such as Dover White to draw the eye upward.
  3. Coffered ceilings give any room an added sense of height and grandeur. Use a darker color, like Hopsack, in the coffer to accent this feature.
  4. The Harper floor plan offers graceful arches and stately columns for those looking for an added touch of elegance.
  5. Dark hardwood flooring provides a strong contrast to the room’s light columns and trim. In this room, we’ve used a Deep Java hickory plank flooring from Armstrong’s Rural Living Hardwood collection.
  6. An area rug can not only protect your hardwood floors from the wear and tear of scooted chairs, but also provide a visual break between the dark floors and dark table. This one is a Champagne area rug by Surya.
  7. Textured curtains add interest to the room’s wide windows. Be sure to use long curtain rods, so you can completely draw the drapes and let natural light flood in. These curtains were custom made from Fabricut Carousel Soapstone fabric.
  8. This bold Hudson Street buffet table by Stanley provides functional storage while anchoring the eye.
  9. A large Carolyn Kinder Leonzio mirror acts as a focal point, while balancing the weight of the buffet table.
  10. The fluid lines of this Progress Lighting Guildstreet chandelier complement the structured forms of the room’s furnishings.
  11. Upholstered dining room chairs, like these from Universal Furniture’s Terrace collection, provide comfort without losing that formal feeling.
  12. Live or imitation, a plant can add a splash of life to any room.

Looking for more design inspiration? Tour a Richmond American model home near you. Our interior designers create timelessly elegant spaces that appeal to a wide range of tastes.