Household Items That May Need Special Insurance Coverage

Watch with diamond band and string of pearls

Homeowners insurance is a key part of owning a home. In addition to protecting your home, possessions and personal liability, check with your insurance agent to be sure your policy covers any special items you may not have considered. Read on for examples!


Family heirlooms and other high-quality jewelry may need to be specifically added to your homeowners insurance policy. Since value can vary over time, you may also want to have rings, necklaces, earrings, watches and bracelets appraised prior to insuring them and periodically thereafter. Selecting a secure location to store diamonds and precious metals is important as well to protect against theft, which can cause insurance rates to rise.

Fine Arts

Make sure expensive art is part of your policy. While likely irreplaceable, there’s peace of mind in knowing you’re covered for the value of paintings, sculptures and other pieces. We also recommend placing art in areas of your home where pets and children aren’t likely to cause accidental damage.


Though buying real fur coats is not as common today, the vintage variety are often passed down through generations. If you have a fur coat, check with your insurance agent about optional coverage for this type of apparel. Also, explore these tips about how to properly store furs to help maintain their value over time.

Silverware and Fine China

This may come as a surprise, but quality silverware and fine china may also be worth adding to your policy. Maintaining silverware’s shine is important for helping maintain its value as well. It’s nice to be ready to use these items on special occasions while knowing that you’re covered if anything happens to them.


If hunting is your hobby or you own firearms, you will need to think about safe storage options, as well as adding insurance for these items. Your agent should be able to provide additional information on the best options for this type of coverage.

Insurance is all about hoping for the best but being prepared in case something unexpected occurs. Speak to your insurance agent so that you can feel confident any particularly valuable possessions are covered under your policy.

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