Last-minute Halloween Costumes for Kids

Kids in costumes trick or treating

Halloween is days away. Are your little ones prepared for a night of fun (and let’s face it, excess sugar)? If you put the costume hunt off too long and the store shelves are bare, have no fear! We’ve come to the rescue with last-minute DIY Halloween costumes you can put together at home in a flash.


Have a boy’s suit sitting around from a family member’s wedding? All you need is a red cape and poof…instant magician. recommends attaching two pieces of red satin ribbon to a stretch of red satin fabric and voilà! We recommend adding a top hat and a stuffed animal rabbit to complete the look, if available.

Little Bandit

Black pants? Black and white striped shirt? You’re 80% there with this costume. Add a stocking cap and cut a mask out of black felt to pull the look together. According to this blog, you can also easily whip up a drawstring bag with a $ symbol on the side so your little one can make a quick getaway with the loot.


Pet-loving kids will jump at the idea of trick-or-treating as a vet. First, source a play doctor kit for a stethoscope. Add a basic shower cap from the local drug store and you’re well on your way. An oversized button-down shirt serves as a lab coat. Add blue pants and comfortable shoes and you’re good to go. If you have time to order a set of kids scrubs, this set is very affordable on Amazon Prime!

Aerobics instructor

This aerobics instructor costume works for any age, but is especially adorable on infants. A onesie doubles as a leotard. Just slip on leggings first. You can cut the feet out of a pair of child-sized socks for leg warmers. Then add a headband and your baby will look ready to break a sweat!

Need more Halloween ideas? Check out our Everything Halloween board! For safety tips on the big day, read this article. Happy haunting!