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Lighting for a Relaxing Great Room

November 30, 2017
The Samson

Guest Post iconToday, our friends at Progress Lighting are sharing a few tips to help choose your lighting for a relaxing great room!

From holiday celebrations with family to cozy movie date nights, the living room is essential to planned gatherings, as well as everyday life at home. The key to creating an inviting space for your guests is using a layered approach with your lighting.

A layered lighting approach involves using a combination of different fixtures to create overall illumination in a space. Instead of choosing just one decorative fixture for the center of the room, consider combining recessed lighting, chandeliers, pendants or wall sconces for different levels of lighting. Each of these fixture types serves a unique purpose and can create a stunning and relaxing design when used together. Keep reading to see how each kind of fixture can be utilized:



Begin with a decorative fixture, such as a ceiling fan or a chandelier, to serve as the focal point for your living room and a central source of ambient, or general lighting. For some examples, see Progress Lighting’s ceiling fans here, and chandelier selection here.

The Caroline

Progress Lighting’s Status collection shown.


Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is also a source of ambient lighting, but can be spread throughout the room to illuminate evenly (examples).

Fresnel Lens pendants and Cherish chandelier

Progress Lighting’s Fresnel Lens pendants and Cherish chandelier shown.



Many of today’s homes feature an open floor plan, and more homeowners are combining their living space with the kitchen and dining area. Pendants can provide task lighting for cooking, eating and entertaining as you host guests in this central great room space. Looking for inspiration? Start with Progress Lighting’s pendant lighting selection here.

Penn pendants

Progress Lighting’s Penn pendants shown.


Wall Sconces and Lamps

You can also bring in task lighting to this space with smaller lighting fixtures, such as wall sconces and lamps. Place these smaller sources of light near seating areas for tasks such as reading and visiting with friends. These fixtures help to fill the room by adding to a layered lighting design. Progress Lighting has a selection of wall sconces here.

North Park ceiling fan

Progress Lighting’s North Park ceiling fan shown.


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