New Year’s Party… With a Twist

New Year's party

For many of us, spending New Year’s Eve in the comfort of our own home sounds far more appealing than going out and facing the crowds. But how do you keep auld lang syne from feeling same-old, same-old? In fact, there are many creative ways you can transform an annual occasion into an evening to remember. It takes nothing more than a simple twist to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

The plan: Invite friends over for a dinner party.

The twist: Savor the world…without ever leaving home. Have a wine tasting party and assign each guest a country. A few popular choices include France, Italy, Spain, Chile and Australia. Every guest selects a wine and a dish from their designated nation and brings it to share. Your traditional gathering instantly becomes a passport to exotic flavors.

The plan: A quiet, relaxed family get-together.

The twist: Many families have a Thanksgiving tradition of going around the table and sharing what they’re grateful for. For a New Year’s spin, have everyone share one thing they’d like to do in the next year. Whether it’s taking a vacation to Hawaii or getting a pool table for the bonus room, this is the perfect chance to make exciting plans for the year ahead.

The plan: Watch the ball drop in Times Square.

The twist: Turn your living room into Times Square with fun, festive décor. Hang posters of New York skyscrapers, Broadway shows—maybe even Dick Clark. Other accessories to create Big Apple ambiance: a disco ball, a flashing countdown clock, and plenty of balloons, streamers, confetti and noisemakers.

The plan: Have a game night.

The twist: In addition to the usual board games, turn the midnight countdown into an activity of its own. Prepare small gift bags or packages ahead of time, then attach tags with a clock face showing a different hour on each one. Every hour on the hour, it’s time to open a package. Depending on the crowd you’re entertaining, it could be a new game to enjoy, ingredients for a drink of the hour, a disposable camera to inspire a few photos, or simple party favors for the kids. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination!

No matter how you celebrate this New Year’s Eve, remember that it’s never too early to start planning. The holidays have a way of flying by in the blink of an eye, and January will be here before you know it. May you be inspired to ring in the new year in style!

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