Next-level Strategies for Selling a House

Family inside of entry at an Open House

In a bustling real estate market, it pays to find ways to stand out from the crowd. If your budget allows you to get creative, consider these next-level strategies for selling a house that others have tried—and which might attract the right buyer for you!

Host an open house that raises the roof.

Rather than compete with every other listing’s traditional weekend open house, add a little extra flair to catch people’s attention and ensure that attending is worth their while. Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.

  • Food truck
    Few two-word combos are as appetizing as FREE FOOD. And these days, food trucks make it so that you don’t even need to hassle with an elaborate catering setup!
  • Kid activities
    Safe, family friendly activities like face painting and balloon animals are a great way to turn out parents who might otherwise hesitate bringing small children on tours.

Offer a test drive.

If the house you’re selling is well-staged and unoccupied, you could offer an overnight stay to buyers on the fence, providing a rare opportunity to try the home before buying. Even if they don’t take you up on it, the fact that you were confident enough to allow a test drive could help seal the deal.

Use drone photography and video.

Drones have unlocked a new world when it comes to marketing home listings. A camera-equipped drone is now able to capture incredible aerial shots—and even interior shots with a skilled pilot and ample space—giving buyers a rich look at their potential future home and neighborhood.

Stream a live video tour.

If you or your real estate agent feel comfortable in front of the camera, you could use free video streaming options like Facebook Live or Periscope to virtually take interested buyers through the house. This is a potentially fun, convenient and personable way to reach buyers that might not have the time or inclination to tour in person.

Get a home inspection.

Wait, but doesn’t the buyer do that? Yes, but there are several potential benefits to paying for one yourself before listing your home. One, it gives you time to identify and repair any potential deal-breakers. And two, it allows you to show interested buyers upfront that your home doesn’t have hidden downsides and that you take your responsibility as a seller seriously. Never underestimate the power of trust and authenticity.

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