Choosing Paint Colors for Resale Success

Neutral great room with fireplace

Did you know that people tend to eat less when food is served on blue plates? Or that we tend to look heavier when wearing red? Color has a huge influence on our perceptions and the decisions we make. Choosing good interior paint colors will ensure that your home has the best chance of being sold. Don’t assume buyers will be able to envision the space decorated their way. The first impression you create could make or break your sale.

Think Switzerland!

Remember: you’re selling your home, not your personal decorating philosophy. Your periwinkle bathroom may get compliments all the time, but buyers need to see a clean slate so they can easily imagine how they’d make each room their own. A few gallons of neutral paint can make a space feel move-in ready.

The best-selling interior paint colors are often soft neutrals that bring warmth and comfort into the room. Creams and tans are great choices because they provide a warm ambiance without imposing a specific style.

Opposites attract…buyers

The best color combinations for a room won’t always live in the same color family. For a dynamic effect, use a color wheel to choose a paint color that contrasts with your floors or cabinets. You wouldn’t want to paint a kitchen red if you have mahogany cabinets, but a soft green could look lovely and inviting.

Still nervous about your pick? When in doubt, use a color visualizer, like the one at

Owner's bedroom with neutral wall colorSee the light

Have you ever fallen in love with a paint color and fallen out of love with it the second it hit your walls? It may be because of the effect natural light can have on color. Areas with small windows or no windows, or rooms with north facing light, can appear cold. The right paint color and the right lighting can instantly add warmth.

Walk through your house during the times of day when it’s most likely to be toured by potential buyers. If you spot any dark corners, light them with lamps or open the drapes. Before you commit to a color for the walls, paint a large square with sample paint. Then view it at different times of day to make sure you still love it.

Neutral great room with colorful sofa pillowsBeyond paint

Though warm neutral walls are best, splashes of color in other areas can make your rooms more attractive to potential buyers. A few solid-colored pillows on the sofa or vibrant flowers on the dining room table will add spark to your color scheme without locking you into a particular design approach. Choosing accessories in reds, oranges and yellows can also add warmth to any space with little effort.

There’s no denying the influence color has on our purchases, big and small. From breakfast cereal boxes to cars, color psychology drives marketing all over the world. Buying a house is no exception. Before you put your home on the market, make sure the colors reflect the image you want to portray, both inside and out. The speedy sale of your home and the final price tag may depend on it!

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