Planning the Perfect Staycation

Family of four enjoying a backyard barbeque

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a relaxing vacation. In fact, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.

Following are some tips to help you unwind from your everyday routine, right under your very own roof—without having to crack open a suitcase! Get ready to plan the perfect staycation:

  • Tell friends and family you’ll be out of reach. Let loved ones know that you’ll be unreachable during your at-home hiatus. And remember to schedule out-of-office messages so business contacts know you’ll be unavailable, too. Nothing can put a crimp in your staycation plans quite like a phone call from a frazzled coworker!
  • Hire a housekeeper. One of the joys of staying at a hotel is not having to dust, make your bed or do the dishes. So why not hire a professional to take care of these chores during your staycation? At the very least, clean your home from top to bottom before you begin your R&R.
  • Catch up on current events afterward. The news can be stressful, which can set the wrong tone for your at-home vacay. So steer clear of news shows, sites and updates on your phone. You may even want to suspend mail delivery until your return to the real world!
  • Take a break from the kids. You love your children dearly, but a little time apart can help you relax and recharge which, in turn, can make you a better parent. Arrange for play dates or hire a sitter so you can enjoy some downtime—at least for part of your staycation.
  • Create an experience. You’ll be saving on transportation and lodging, so you can afford to pamper yourself a bit. Invest in small luxuries like high thread count sheets, plush bath towels—even a new robe and slippers. Order in from your favorite restaurant. Turn up your sound spa, light some candles and enjoy a well-deserved bubble bath.
  • Become a hometown tourist. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday, overlooking popular attractions in your area. Take some time to visit local beaches, parks, museums and any other notable landmarks you’ve been meaning to explore.
  • Stock up on entertainment. A staycation is the perfect time to bond with your family over board games and catch up on your summer reading (get some binge-worthy book recommendations). Movies are another staycation staple. Pick a theme and plan your own family film festival. Or set your kids up with their favorite flick and enjoy a midday nap!