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Ranch vs. Two-story Home

March 4, 2020

Congratulations on your decision to buy a brand-new home! Now comes the hard part—determining which style of house will best meet your needs: ranch or two stories.

Both single- and two-story homes offer many advantages. But which type of home design makes the most sense for your lifestyle? Read on to learn some benefits of each so you can make an informed decision—and weigh in on the age-old debate of ranch vs. two-story home!

Benefits of ranch homes

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The Alexandrite

As any parent will tell you, toddlers are drawn to stairs. In multi-level homes, it can be a challenge to keep little ones away from stairs until you are comfortable with them climbing them on their own. Why not opt for a ranch? You may avoid the need to drill holes in your new walls to install gates and it will be less likely that you’ll look away for three seconds to find your two-year old has made it upstairs and spilled all your nail polish on the new carpet!

Though not a rule, it’s also no secret that many aging homebuyers are sometimes drawn to ranch floor plans. When an individual has arthritis, limited mobility—or simply craves the convenience of single-floor living—a ranch is a great choice.

Other advantages of ranch homes:

  • Depending on the home’s design, ranch plans may allow for greater ceiling height.
  • You won’t have to sacrifice square footage to accommodate staircases.
  • No pitter patter of footsteps overhead! Ranch-style homes may be quieter than their two-story counterparts (though modern two-story homes have come very far in terms of sound-minimizing building techniques).

Benefits of two-story homes

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The Pennington

With a two-story home, you’ll be building up rather than out, which often allows for increased square footage. So, bring on those extra bedrooms—or perhaps it’s finally time for that home theater room you’ve been dreaming about!

Two-story homes may also provide increased privacy since the bedrooms are typically separated from the common areas. This means that the party can continue in the family room while the kids are tucked safely in their beds upstairs!

Other reasons to choose two stories:

  • Because two-story homes tend to have a smaller footprint than ranches, they might boast more outdoor living space (e.g., larger backyards).
  • The views from the second floor of a home may be more impressive than those provided from the first floor.

We hope that these considerations, along with personal preference and the opinions of other members of your household, will help make your homebuying decision a bit easier.

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