Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Mother and daughter planting flowers

Spring is synonymous with fresh air, fragrant flowers and frosty pitchers of pink lemonade, enjoyed on the front porch, of course. It’s also associated with cleaning and organizing the home.

Want to rid your cherished abode of the last vestiges of winter? Here’s a handy spring home maintenance checklist to help you organize and revitalize your home just in time for the season of new beginnings:


  • Remove and clean window screens
  • Wash windows
  • Rid gutters of leaves, twigs and other debris
  • Remove leaves, twigs and debris from lawn and flowerbeds
  • Weed lawn and prune overgrown shrubs
  • Sweep and wash porch, patio and/or deck (including grill)
  • Wash exterior doors
  • Pressure clean home’s exterior, driveway and walkway (if necessary)
  • Clean/replace welcome mat

Whole house

  • Dust light fixtures, ceiling fans, furniture, accessories and electronics
  • Wash doors, knobs, walls, trim, windows, window sills and switch plates
  • Wash window coverings/launder curtains
  • Polish wood trim and furniture
  • Sweep, mop and/or vacuum floors, rugs, stairs and banisters
  • Neatly bundle and hide electrical cords


  • Remove out-of-season items from coat closet
  • Wash or replace door mat


  • Empty and clean drawers. Organize and replace items (donate unnecessary items).
  • Empty and clean closets. Organize and replace items (donate unnecessary items).
  • Sweep or vacuum under beds
  • Launder bedding


  • Empty and clean drawers and cabinets. Organize and replace items (discard unnecessary/expired cosmetics and medications).
  • Clean mirror
  • Clean sinks, faucets and drains
  • Clean toilets
  • Clean bathtubs
  • Clean showers

Kitchen/Dining room

  • Empty and clean drawers and cabinets. Organize and replace items.
  • Wash and sanitize countertops and backsplash
  • Clean sink, faucet and drain
  • Clean refrigerator, oven(s), cooktop, microwave, dishwasher and small appliances
  • Clean under stove and refrigerator
  • Organize refrigerator (discard expired food)
  • Organize pantry (discard expired food)
  • Launder linens

Living/Family/Great room

  • Vacuum and spot treat sofa(s) (if necessary)
  • Launder throw blankets and pillows
  • Organize magazines, books, movies and music (donate/purge unwanted items)


  • Organize toys (donate/purge unwanted items)
  • Handwash plastic toys
  • Machine wash stuffed toys
  • Organize books, movies and music (donate/purge unwanted items)

Home office

  • Clean desk, file cabinet(s) and/or bookcase(s)
  • Organize papers (shred and discard unwanted documents)

Laundry room

  • Empty and clean cabinets and shelving. Organize and replace items.
  • Clean exterior of washer and dryer (including hose)
  • Clean interior of washer and dryer
  • Empty and clean lint trap
  • Clean sink, faucet and drain (if applicable)

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Happy spring cleaning! After you’re done, check out these 7 design refresh ideas for spring and keep following our blog for more helpful homeowner resources!