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4 Nursery Room Themes for 2017

April 4, 2017
Baby in a crib

We’ve got you covered, baby!

Your baby will spend a lot of time in his or her nursery—and so will you. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that the space is equal parts comfort, function and beauty. Here, we’ve identified four nursery room themes for 2017 to help you design a kid-and-parent-friendly space that’s warm, inviting and totally on trend.

Big, Bold Blooms

Flowers are always in vogue, but this year, the blooms are bigger and better than ever! We’re talking lively, oversized floral prints in the form of bedding, mobiles, wall decals, wallpaper and artwork. Check out this eye-catching, hand-painted, floral wall mural in classic shades of pink and blue!

Soft and Neutral

Coral model home in Aurora, CO

Coral model home in Aurora, CO

For a nursery that your wee one (and practically everyone) will completely coo over, think neutral shades with soothing accents and soft, comforting textures. Envision cream, beige or gray walls with pretty pastel crib sheets, blankets, artwork and accessories.  Who could resist this whimsical mobile?!

Black and White Done Right

Nursery photo

Modern black and white nursery

If the idea of a black and white nursery seems a little blah, you haven’t seen this color scheme carried out correctly. The trick is to go bold with a mixture of strong patterns and break up the space with a bit of gray. Choose timeless white nursery furniture and stock up on black, white and/or gray crib sheets, blankets, rugs and accessories. This gorgeous glider has your name on it!

Outdoor Adventures

Teach your babe that the sky is the limit with an outdoor- or adventure-themed nursery. This is the year to take nursery décor outside, and the results are stunning tree-lined walls, mountains that appear to go on for miles and woodland animal prints that capture the attention of infants, children and adults alike. And we’d be remiss not to point out these adventure-inspired crib sheets, which literally encourage babies to start exploring!

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