What Can a Loan Officer Do for You?

Couple meeting with loan officer

Loan officers work to help prospective borrowers obtain home loans (a.k.a. mortgages). But there’s more to the position than meets the eye.

A lender’s loan officers assist borrowers through the mortgage lending process. They are skilled at evaluating a homebuyer’s creditworthiness (the degree to which he or she is considered likely to repay a loan), and are well-versed on the many different types of loans available in today’s market.

If you are considering buying a new home, you can meet with a loan officer to discuss the pros and cons of various loan types. He or she can describe the features of the various loan types so that you can determine which type of mortgage best meets your specific needs.

Once you have decided to apply for a home loan, your loan officer can let you know what mortgage paperwork you’ll need to gather, accept your application, maintain communication with your builder to enable a smooth closing and help you lock in an interest rate.

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