4 Podcasts for New & Aspiring Homebuyers

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Buying your first home is an exciting milestone, and it’s one that takes careful planning and dedication to achieve. From keeping your credit score on track to saving up for a down payment, to figuring out when it makes sense for you to stop renting and put down roots, there are a lot of factors to consider, so it’s a good idea to learn more about the buying and financing processes.  

But where do you start? How do you find the time?

Podcasts! They’re not just for daily news briefs and true crime stories. They can also be a way to dip your toes into a new topic without investing money or even a great deal of time, since many of us listen while doing other things, like navigating a commute or keeping an eye on the kids.  

We’ve rounded up a few popular shows that touch on homebuying and many of the issues that contribute to mortgage-readiness: building up your savings, budgeting, protecting your credit, and more. By listening to a variety of voices and opinions, you may gain a level of comfort with the jargon and concepts involved in homebuying, so you can ask informed questions when you reach out to professionals like your real estate agent, loan officer, financial advisor or attorney. Keep in mind: podcasts are mainly infotainment. None of these programs should be used as a substitute for professional financial advice! They provide general information only, which may not apply to your individual circumstances. The opinions and ideas presented belong solely to the show creators and publishers, who are not affiliated with Richmond American Homes.

For real answers to your mortgage questions, contact a loan officer at HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation (HMC): 866.400.7126 (see licensing info). You can also get a personalized mortgage rate estimate online and browse our library of free homebuyer guides—including 8 Credit Score Management Tips and HMC’s Mortgage Quick-reference Guide.    

1) Real Estate Today

Presented by the National Association of REALTORS®, Real Estate Today is a podcast (and radio show) about homebuying, home selling and homeownership. It’s been on the air since 2009.

Where to start? 

How to Buy a House

This episode offers strategies for navigating the challenges of the post-2020 real estate market, such as low inventory and the corresponding rise in home values—especially as many first-time buyers enter the market to escape record rental rate increases. Topics include:

  • Tips for setting expectations with your real estate agent (and finding one who will understand and meet those expectations)
  • Changing housing needs as some buyers shift to long-term work-from-home situations or have adult children or aging parents move in
  • Down payment assistance programs you may not know about, including grants
  • Home design elements that are losing popularity
  • Trends in housing development in urban and suburban areas
  • VA loan information, including eligibility and loan benefits

Other episodes of interest:

  • Homeownership – How homeownership can help build generational wealth and ways we can overcome barriers to buying
  • Buying Brand New! – What to expect when buying a new-construction home
  • How to Sell a House – Tips for pricing your home right and getting it sale-ready
  • Your Smart Home – Info about smart home technology and how it’s affecting how we live today
  • Staying Warm! – Ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your home, from home energy audits to furnace maintenance and your choice of window coverings

2) NerdWallet’s SmartMoney Podcast

Created by NerdWallet, a personal finance company established in 2009, the SmartMoney Podcast covers a variety of household financial topics in digestible segments that run under an hour. Many episodes touch on themes that are helpful to prospective homebuyers, such as saving money, budgeting, paying off debt and improving your credit score.

Where to start? 

3 Crypto Questions, and Improving Credit to Buy a House

Since the first part of this episode talks about cryptocurrency, you’ll need to skip ahead to the 8-minute mark to get to the part that examines ways you can improve your credit and prepare for mortgage shopping. Topics include:

  • What is credit utilization and how does it affect your credit rating? 
  • Ways to improve credit utilization, such as adding authorized users to the account, asking for credit limit increases and getting a personal loan
  • Tactics to avoid, such as paying services to improve credit or opening new lines of credit
  • Other ways to improve credit: checking your credit report from all three credit reporting bureaus, paying all bills on time and keeping credit card accounts open
  • Looking into different loan programs which may have different credit requirements

Other episodes of interest:

3) HerMoney Podcast

Sponsored by Edelman Financial Engines, HerMoney Podcast is a personal finance, career, family and lifestyle show created in 2016 by author and financial journalist Jean Chatzky.

Where to start? 

Investing for All Your Goals

This episode answers listener questions like what to do with liquid funds saved for a down payment on a house, selling investments in a taxable account, saving for retirement and more.

Other episodes of interest:

  • Home Buying and Real Estate – Answers to listener questions about homebuying, including ways to save for the down payment and how homeownership fits into your overall financial goals
  • Turn Your Clutter into Cash – Tips for cutting the clutter, deciding what to keep, donate or sell, and more!

4) The Mortgage Reports Podcast

Operated by Full Beaker, Inc., The Mortgage Reports covers real estate and mortgage news. The site was originally established in 2004, a decade before its acquisition, but its podcast offering was launched just last year. Still, with 17 episodes (and counting) there are several episodes that provide helpful info for first-time buyers in short, digestible pieces.    

Where to start? How to Shop for a Home Loan: Don’t Skip These 10 Steps

This episode is a 10-minute overview of what you can do to plan your mortgage shopping, from the timing of your estimate requests to types of mortgage providers you can shop, and how to compare the estimates you gather on an apples-to-apples basis.

Other episodes of interest:

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