4 Unusual Ways to Market Your Home

Exterior of home with Sold sign and four people in driveway, including one holding a balloon bouquet

Want to separate your home from all the other listings in your area? We’ve got you covered! Following are some unique tactics for marketing a home that may help give you a leg up on the competition.

  1. Host a next-level Open House. Sure, Open Houses are common when selling a home. But kick yours up a notch by offering attendees a catered meal (food trucks are a convenient way to feed the masses without messing up the kitchen!). Family-friendly entertainment, such as live music, a face painter, a caricature artist or a photo booth with props, may also help separate your event—and home—from the pack.
  2. Toss in some tempting extras. Anyone would be lucky to call your home their own. But it can’t hurt to sweeten the pot by throwing in some impressive incentives, right? If your home’s been on the market for a while and you really want to get it sold, consider offering up one or more big-ticket items, like a pair of mountain bikes, a big-screen tv or even an exotic vacation, to potential buyers.
  3. Offer a trial run. If prospective buyers are on the fence, encourage them to sleep on it—in the comfort of your abode, of course. Allowing buyers to spend the night at your home gives them an opportunity to experience what it’s truly like to live there. And ‘trying it before buying it’ may provide just the boost they need to submit an offer.
  4. Go high tech. If you’ve already tried traditional marketing routes, like placing a sign in your yard and an ad in the paper, consider leveraging modern technology to help land the sale. We’re talking live-streaming a video tour of your home on a social media site (e.g., Facebook Live, Periscope), using drone photography to give buyers a fuller picture of your home’s exterior, property and surrounding neighborhood or using a Talking House radio transmitter to share a voice recording detailing your home’s top selling points for agents and potential buyers that happen to drive by.

We wish you smooth sailing on your home sale. Be sure to visit us at RichmondAmerican.com when you’re ready to find your next address!