4 Reasons to Contract This Month

One set of hands passing a contract to another set of hands

When school is back in session, many people who’ve been considering a move put their plans into action. And why not? Fall is a popular time to jump into the real estate market. If you think this might be the month to make your move, we’re here to help you decide. Find out why October is a great month to put ink to contract:

  1. The holidays are coming.
    No matter what holiday you celebrate in December, the month is full of hustle and bustle. There are usually gifts to buy, guests to host and food to whip up for parties and get-togethers. All that extra celebrating can take a toll on your available free time. Finding a new home may be too much to take on! Why not act in October? Depending on your construction schedule, you can contract now and have a new place ready to call home in 2020. The best present ever!
  2. Great time to sell.
    During the summer, many people are focused on getting outdoors and taking vacations, so sometimes the real estate market takes a little cat nap. In the fall, more people start calling up their agents and putting their homes on the market. This activity creates excitement! If you need to sell a home before you buy a new one, October may be a great time to put that for-sale sign out front.
  3. Seasonal offers and events.
    We can’t speak for all homebuilders, but there’s always something exciting happening at Richmond American in October. Go here for the latest specials for fall homebuyers (Hint, hint: it has to do with locking today’s great interest rates) and bookmark this page to check for events in your area any time of year.
  4. Your dream awaits.
    There’s always a reason to put off your goals and dreams. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if the reasons you haven’t taken action sooner are valid ones, or if they’re simply excuses! If your only reason for not contracting on a home is procrastination, do yourself a favor and start the journey to homeownership today. Even if you’re sitting on your sofa in your pajamas, you can begin your home search right now.