5 Tips for Streamlining Your Home Sale

Family and real estate agent standing near For Sale sign

Wondering what you can do to help ensure a quick and profitable home sale? We’ve got you covered!

Following are five fundamental tips to help streamline your home sale so you can skip the headaches and get started on the next chapter of your life.

  1. Hire a real estate agent. An experienced seller’s agent knows how to price, market, show and sell your home for top dollar. Ask friends and family for recommendations and be sure to select someone who understands your home, neighborhood and expectations. Get additional tips for choosing an agent.
  2. Set a realistic listing price. Don’t allow your personal attachment to your home to impact your ability to set a reasonable listing price. Of course you want to maximize the return on your investment, but market conditions—not memories—dictate your home’s actual value. Once you choose an agent, he or she will pull comparables (a.k.a. comps), which detail the listing and selling prices of similar homes in your area over a certain period of time, to help you determine a fair and attainable listing price.
  3. Get an inspection. You don’t want unexpected structural or safety issues to delay or—even worse—derail your home sale. Hire a professional to inspect your house and provide a list of necessary repairs so you can fix any potential issues at the onset or reduce your listing price accordingly.  
  4. Stage your home. Potential buyers need to be able to envision their lives in your house. That’s where staging comes in. Rid your rooms of personal items, like photos, memorabilia and knickknacks and arrange your furniture in a thoughtful, inviting way. If you plan to repaint, choose a neutral shade with broad appeal. And always make sure your home is clean and organized before showings. Get additional tips for staging your home.
  5. Review and negotiate offers. When offers start rolling in, don’t go it alone. Your agent can help you home in on the most qualified buyers and negotiate a price that is acceptable to both parties. After you’ve come to an agreement, he or she can also assist you from contract through closing.

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