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How to Stay Organized While Packing for a Move

October 15, 2018
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If you’ve got ample time to prepare for your upcoming move, an organized packing strategy is well worth the effort. You’ll arrive at your new home with the comfort of knowing just where all your most important items are and how they’re sorted, allowing you to enjoy the process of setting up your new abode with everything neatly categorized and labeled. Check out some inspiration below for how to stay organized—and stress-free!—while packing for your next move.

Declutter & minimize

Getting rid of items you don’t need is one of the most effective and gratifying organization strategies. After all, you don’t have to pack it if it’s not there! Items in good shape can be donated, or even sold if you have time. And other items can either be recycled or thrown away. This not only makes it easier to sort and pack remaining items, but less to transport means less physical exertion and potentially even less cost come moving day—all contributing to a satisfying rather than a draining experience.

Check here for decluttering tips.

Stock up on packing supplies

A sufficient supply of packing materials will help ensure that you’re a happy camper in the run-up to moving day. Some items you might add to your list: boxes, bins, packaging tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, labels, markers, padding, rope.

Categorize & label

Sort items by room and clearly label each container accordingly. In addition to placing a room label on each box or bin, you can also add a basic description of what’s inside (e.g. KITCHEN: PLATES + BOWLS). Basically, think how you’ll want things to be grouped when unpacking. Your future self will thank you.

Set aside an essentials box or bag

Pack and set aside items you’ll want or need on hand right away at the new house. This could include toiletries, a change of clothes, kitchen utensils and napkins for a first meal, phone chargers, etc. Pack them in a box, backpack or whatever you find easiest to transport, and make sure they’re accessible on moving day!

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